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Do I have to pay for your services?

No, using our Domain Ownership Transfer service directly or via one of our API partners is free of charge for domain buyers.

What does starting offer mean?

The starting price represent the minimum offer you can place on a domain. The seller has set this minimum price to avoid getting offers below a specific price point. As a buyer, you can't place an offer below the starting price of a seller.

What payment provider do you use?

All of our payments are processed safely​ and securely by our payment provider Adyen. Read more about our payment provider Adyen by clicking on the category Trust and safety.

I have paid for a domain name, what happens next?

After we’ve secured your payment, we proceed and take full control over the domain from the seller and send you tailored transfer instructions.

Please keep in mind that every domain extension and registrar has different processes. Our guarantee, however, is that we will at all times propose the easiest and most convenient transfer process possible.

Our domain ownership transfer specialists will help you navigate the domain industry and provide support until you’re fully satisfied and have gained complete ownership over a domain.

I received the authorization code of the domain, what happens next?

Transferring a domain is easy if you’ve done it before. If it’s your first time, the process can be confusing. Each registrar / hosting provider has created different transfer processes (unfortunately) for example.

Read our blog post here to learn more: How do I transfer my domain?

Still having transfer issues? Contact your designated domain ownership transfer specialist via your buyer control panel to get tailored assistance.

What are the different payment options?

We support the following payment options: Bank wire, SEPA, Visa, MasterCard, iDeal, MisterCash, Sofort, Paypal, AliPay, WeChatPay and Bitcoins.

Do you know the asking price of this domain name?

That depends on the listing you've landed on. If you observe a so-called Buy-Now price this means that the seller works with fixed prices.

If you don't see a price then the seller hasn't set a price yet. In order to find out what his/her price is, simply place an offer to get a direct response back from the seller.

Are there any hidden costs, beyond the yearly registration of the domain?

No, at Dan.com we care about transparency and never add any additional fees or costs.

How do I know my payment is safe?

Our payment provider Adyen is one of the leading payment processors in the world powering payments for some of the biggest companies like Facebook, KLM, Spotify and Uber.

They have a banking license in place required to facilitate 100% safe and secure transactions.

We also have enabled the highest level of fraud detection systems to avoid any issues on our marketplace.

Do I receive a VAT invoice?

If VAT is applicable for your transaction, you will automatically receive an VAT invoice from us after your payment is submitted. Do you require an invoice before you pay? Please contact our support team.

I bought and transferred a domain but it's still showing a For Sale page.

Simply head to the registrar where you're managing the domain and delete our Nameservers from the DNS settings to replace our for sale page with your own site.

Are all offers I place binding?

Yes, all confirmed offers at Dan.com are legally binding.

Can you also push a domain instead of transferring?

Yes, we actually prefer doing a push as that's the faster way for buyers to take control of​ a newly acquired domain.

How long is my offer valid?

Every offer is valid for a duration of 7 days.

Within how many days do I need to pay for the domain I bought?

All transactions have to be completed in 24 hours. If you're a corporate buyer that requires more time to complete a purchase simply notify our team so we can inform the seller.

How do I transfer my domain name?

Transferring a domain name is easier than it looks.

We have written a short article about this step to guide you through the entire process. Click on the link below to read more:

Read more: How do I transfer my domain?

Still, need support? Simply reach out to our team at

How does buying a domain in installments work?

After securing the first installment payment from the buyer we transfer the domain from the seller’s registrar to our own registrar and give the buyer access to the DNS control panel of the domain. The domain will be managed and renewed by Dan.com until the full purchase price is paid for. Once all payments are secured, the actual ownership transfer will occur.

Are all prices including or excluding VAT?

VAT is only applicable for specific transactions involving European buyers. If you or your company is not based in Europe, you will never be charged any VAT at all.

When VAT is legally applicable, you’ll see that either on the domain for sale page that you’ve landed on or at checkout after you’ve submitted your details. We initially estimate if VAT is applicable based on the location attached to your IP address. At step 2 of our checkout you get a final confirmation from us if VAT is applicable or not.

When do you ask VAT on a domain?
  1. If the seller is a consumer we always charge 0% VAT.
  2. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company or consumer within their own country we charge the local VAT
  3. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company within EU but outside the sellers country we charge 0% VAT
  4. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to a consumer within the EU but outside the sellers country we charge the VAT rate of the country of the consumer
  5. If the seller is a company within EU and sell to a consumer or business outside EU we charge 0%

You'll receive a payout notice with the full name & address of the seller including their VAT number when they're buying on behalf of a business.

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What is the Afternic Distribution Network opt-in?

Dan.com-listed domain names with buy it now (BIN) prices will automatically be opted into the Afternic Distribution Network, where your domain names gain added exposure to potential buyers at over 150 Afternic partners.

Are domain names I've already listed at my Afternic account affected by opting in to the Dan/Afternic integration?

No. Domain names that are already listed in your Afternic account will not be affected in any way by opting in to the Afternic Distribution Network at Dan.com.

How can I opt out of the Afternic integration?

To opt-out, you can visit your account settings page here or by using your bulk tools:

  • My Domains
  • Select the involved domain names by using the checker-boxes
  • Select Distribute
  • Disable
What happens when I opt out of the Afternic integration?

Once you opt-out, your domain names will be removed from the Afternic Distribution Network.

Is the Dan/Afternic Distribution Network integration fast transfer enabled?

No. Dan.com domain names listed through the Afternic Distribution Network are not fast transfer enabled. However, Dan.com domain names sold through the Afternic Distribution Network are processed by the Dan.com team. You can expect the same quick, reliable transfers and payouts that you have come to expect from Dan.com.

What are the benefits of using the Afternic distribution network?

The Afternic Distribution Network provides more exposure for your domain names. With worldwide distribution through more than 150 partners including top registrars, your domain names are put in front of more active buyers.

What happens if the domains don't have a BIN listed at Dan.com? Are they also included in the network?

No. Only domain names with a BIN price at Dan.com are applicable for the Afternic Distribution Network.

Does anything happen to my current Afternic listings if I switch off the Dan/Afternic integration?

No. Your Afternic listings are not affected by either opting in or out of the Afternic Distribution Network.

How does selling a domain in installments work?

You can enable offering installments to your buyers directly from your account settings or portfolio.

Once the buyer has initiated the transaction by paying the first installed payment we proceed and take your domain under our management until the total purchase price is paid.

When the buyer is in default, you get to keep the received installed payments and the domain will be returned to you.

Are there other currency options?

At this moment the available currency options are Euro (€), U.S. Dollar ($) and Pound Sterling (£). You can change your currency preferences in your account settings.

I sold a domain, when can I expect to receive my payment?

Usually, sellers get paid out within 24 hours (on business days) after the domain is transferred.

What payout options do you have?

The most common payout sources are bank wire, Paypal & Bitcoin.

Where can I change my password?

Go to the upper right corner and click on “your name” and then on “settings”. On this page you can change your password. Don’t forget to save after filling in the current and new password!

Do I have to change the nameservers to Dan.com?

You don’t have to use our For Sale pages by changing the nameservers, however, by using our nameservers you qualify for a reduced 15% commission rate. If you don’t use our nameservers, then we charge a standard 25% commission. We also recommend using our landing pages as it increases your chance of selling your domains significantly.

Where can I set prices for my domains?

Simply head to your portfolio to directly edit your prices or use our bulk editing tools.

What does the default starting offer mean?

The default starting offer sets the starting offers of all domain in your portfolio to the set price.

Can I personalize my For Sale page?

You can personalize your For Sale pages by uploading a background image and avatar. Both can be changed inside your account settings.

The rest of the content is not changeable. We explicitly have made this choice as we optimize these pages on a weekly basis. This means that we continually track the conversion rates of those pages, and implement new features that attract potential buyers, leading to more buying actions.

Can I personalize my Public Profile?

Yes, you can personalize your Public Profile. Go to your account settings and click on the left side on "seller profile". On this page you can write a short Bio about yourself or your company. You can also set a background image and upload your picture of Avatar.

Please keep in mind that all changes you make will also influence your domains For Sale pages.

How do I set up my For Sale pages?

Settings up your For Sale pages is easy and can be done at your registrar. Just click the link below and follow the steps.

Read more: Your own For Sale pages

How much commission do you charge?

Commission Updates as of Feb 1, 2023:

By default, domain sales are charged a standard commission rate of 25% of the Sale Price.

Domains with primary nameservers pointed to GoDaddy aftermarket nameservers at the time of the initial purchase hold and sale receive a reduced commission rate of 15% of the Sale Price.

As a matter of clarity, nameservers ending in one of the following domains are considered GoDaddy aftermarket nameservers:

  • afternic.com
  • smartname.com
  • uniregistrymarket.link
  • dan.com
  • undeveloped.com
  • internettraffic.com
  • Cashparking.com

Note: A flat 5% is charged on sales processed through bring your own lead.

Commission Rules for sales that took place prior to Feb 1, 2023:

Normal sales completed prior to Feb 1, 2023 will have a standard commission of 9%.

Can I change the language of the website?

Yes, you can. At the bottom of our site, there's a small drop-down menu where you can change your preferred language.

Why is my dashboard empty?

Your dashboard is empty because you haven’t got enough information to show, yet. Your dashboard will automatically get filled in as soon as you have views or leads on your domains. If you want to see the list of your domains, please click “portfolio” in the top menu bar.

En, is dit jouw vraag?


The after-market refers to the secondary market where already registered but unused domains are traded.

Authorization code

An Auth-Code (also called an Authorization Code, Auth-Info Code, or transfer code) is a code created by a registrar to help identify the domain name holder (also known as a registrant or registered name holder) of a domain name in a generic top-level domain ( gTLD ) operated under contract with ICANN.

This code is used to authorize transferring a domain from one registrar to another.


The service which helps to establish a connection to start the negotiation for a domain name. A broker stirs the negotiation process towards a successful transfer.

Buy now

An option we provide on our For Sale pages. The Buy Now price is the asking price of the seller.


A Country Code Top Level Domain which usually refers to the extension which is specific to a country or a region. For example, .ca for Canada, or .de for Germany. Important to note is that a domain name registration for a ccTLD falls under national jurisdiction and regulation of that country.


A Domain Name System which allows for a server to be found through a domain name, rather than an IP address. That means when you want to access our website you can type in dan.com in your browser, instead of the IP address of our server (

Domain name

Is made up of a second-level domain (dan.com), and a top-level domain (dan.com). The domain name is part of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which describes an address on the internet.

Domain transfer

Refers to changing the registrar of a domain name. This transfer takes place either after the sale of a domain name, or through preference for the services of another registrar.


Generic Top Level Domains, for example .com, .net, .org. These are the more known examples but new ones are created around the clock, for example .amsterdam.


The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This non-profit organisation which takes care of the coordination for the maintenance and methodologies of several databases. This organisation makes sure that the internet functions properly.

Make offer

Make an offer is a price option on our unique For Sale pages and the starting point of a transaction or negotiation.

Name server

Nameservers are like a traffic sign which points the visitor of a domain in the right direction without them noticing. A name server is only relevant for you if your registrar and your hosting company are not the same. In that case, the name servers help to connect the two. When you park your domain names with Dan.com you change your nameservers to ns1.dan.com and ns2.dan.com.

NS record

A part of the domain name system which shows that there is another set of authoritative name servers which should be pointed towards.

Parking page

Is the traditional term for what we call a For Sale page.

Premium domain name

A premium domain name is a high valued domain that fits specific (commercial) requirements.


A registrar is a company/provider that offers domain registrations, management and renewals.


A registry is an operator or owner of a domain name extension. For example, GMO is the registry for .shop domain names.

Second level name

Is what commonly is referred to as a domain name. In dan.com the name preceding the .com is the second level name.

Top Level Domain (TLD)

The extension which follows the domain name, or also second level name. The “com” in dan.com is the TLD.


A protocol used to find information about a domain name or an IP address. It is here that you can find information on the domain registration, its expiration, nameservers, and contact information of the current owner.

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