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Effective day 13 February 2024

The following applies to the websites of dan.com ("Websites"). By using the Websites you agree with this disclaimer.


The Websites and all its components are the property of Dan.com It is not allowed to reproduce the websites or parts thereof and / or publish without the prior written consent of Dan.com, save for the exceptions provided in the law such as personal, non-commercial use.

Certain (hyper)links on the Websites lead to websites outside the domain of the Websites. These are not the property of Dan.com but included merely to inform the visitor. If these links are activated, one leaves the Websites.

On these websites the rules of the concerning website (holder) apply. If you have any questions on this matter, you may contact the website owner about it. This also applies to the use of the services of external service providers, such as third party payment services.

Complaints, comments and infringement

For complaints, comments or the identification of content that infringes any law or infringes the (intellectual property) rights of third parties, please e-mail us to . We will reply to all complaints and comments timely. Dan.com is not liable for this content. It reserves the right, if it sees reason to do so, either or not in response to a report, to remove certain content from the websites and keep it removed.

If Dan.com considers that a user of the Websites is not acting in accordance with the law and / or the Terms of Service Agreement and / or Privacy Statement, or otherwise makes unreasonable use of the websites, then it is authorised to take, among others, the following measures:

  • the corresponding User may be excluded from the services of Dan.com or specific functionalities for this User may be limited, including – although not exclusively – suspension of the account of the User concerned, deleting transactions, limiting the use of the websites;
  • the personal data of those involved can be processed. If there is a reason to do so, Dan.com can, within the limits of the law, hand over the personal data of those involved, for example, to the police.


Dan.com does not guarantee that its services will always fulfil your expectations. Dan.com is not liable for any defects in the performance of the Websites and /or the secure access to the Websites or parts thereof.

All information on the Websites is subject to typos or misspellings.