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Seller's notes about this domain  - Well Hello Mr Fancy 

Mr Fancy makes a great brandable domain name, selling men's clothing, accessories, games/apps, even sexual stimulants for men eg make your man Mr Fancy in the bedroom, dress the part be Mr Fancy

Mr. Fancy is a person who you feel is trying to look/act cool and important.

Fancy  to like-like someone (i.e. be infatuated, smitten, etc) either in a sexual, emotional or both fashion.

Mr Fancy CAN BE anything you want it to be.


Examples of potential uses:

What is a Mr Fancy?

It's probably a  man who dresses in fancy/expensive/showy clothes. It's probably a  man who dresses in fancy/expensive/showy clothes.

What is a fancy person?

If you fancy someone, you feel attracted to them, especially in a sexual way. Synonyms: be attracted to, find attractive, desire, lust after = mr fancy.

fancy man in British English =  slang. - a person's male lover.

What is a fancy woman? =  a woman of questionable morals specifically : prostitute.

What does it mean when a guy says I fancy you? = I fancy you means to like in a romantic way, or to have a crush on “you.” 

Fancy is a feeling of liking or attraction, typically one that is superficial or transient.


Bruce Verstandig

Member since 2019-09-25

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