Buying a domain can be time consuming, painful and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be! At DAN.COM we pride ourselves on taking away all the hassle involved in buying a domain and on making your transaction completely safe and secure.

Ever since the launch of our Buyer Protection Program in 2014 not a single transaction has turned into a nightmare. Today all transactions on DAN.COM are covered by this program.

So what are the key elements of our Buyer Protection Program?

  1. We handle the escrow of every single transaction ourselves:
    First, we secure the payment from the buyer and take control over the domain from the seller.
    Then, we help you (the buyer) with becoming the new owner of the domain by facilitating a transfer to you.
    Finally, we proceed with paying-out the seller after you, DAN.COM confirms you have received the domain.

  2. Our escrow team monitors every transaction and swiftly intervenes in case of suspicious behaviour.

  3. All sellers go through a careful verification process before they can conduct business on the marketplace.

  4. You receive all the documentation necessary to acquire the domain from the current owner, including an invoice with European VAT when applicable.

  5. If the seller doesn’t deliver on their part for whatever reason, we refund you within 12 hours. No questions asked.

  6. 94% of all transactions on DAN.COM are completed within 24 hours after payment. Acquiring a new domain no longer needs to take a lot of time!

We've partnered up with the payment provider Adyen to provide all local payment options available.

Do note that when using a VPN that not all payment options from your region will be available.

The Internet is a dark dark place, full of robots, spiders, crawlers. Some are friendly and just want to index your site in their search engine (Google, Bing or Yahoo for example), but others have bad intentions and need to be blocked.
It’s a constant cat and mouse game between our engineering team and those buggers. But it’s important for us to make sure these noisy and sometimes heavy traffic sources don’t hurt the experience your buyers are getting. Or the quality of the traffic statistics you see in your portfolio.