You can enable offering installments to your buyers directly from your account settings or portfolio.

Once the buyer has initiated the transaction by paying the first installed payment we proceed and take your domain in escrow until the total purchase price is paid.

When the buyer is in default, you get to keep the received installed payments and the domain will be returned to you.

At this moment the available currency options are Euro (€), U.S. Dollar ($) and Pound Sterling (£). You can change your currency preferences in your account settings.

Usually, sellers get paid out within 12 hours (on business days) after the domain is transferred.

The most common payout sources are bank wire, Paypal & Bitcoin.

Go to the upper right corner and click on "your name" and then on "settings". On this page you can change your account details. To change your profile details click on "seller profile". To change your bank details go to "billing details". Don't forget to save the changes you made by clicking on the "save" button at the bottom of the page.

Go to the upper right corner and click on “your name” and then on “settings”. On this page you can change your password. Don’t forget to save after filling in the current and new password!

You don't have to use our For Sale pages by changing the nameservers, however, it is highly advised to use our landing pages as that increases your chance of selling your domains significantly.

Simply head to your portfolio to edit your prices.

Login to your account and click on “portfolio”. Here you can find all of the domains you’ve listed on DAN.COM. Then simply use the domain importer to add domains.

Login to your account, in the menu bar click on “portfolio”. Here you see the list of domains you’ve added to DAN.COM. Click on the domain you want to delete, and on following page you can click the “delete” button on the right side, under domain information.

The default starting offer sets the starting offers of all domain in your portfolio to the set price.

You can personalize your For Sale pages by uploading a background image and avatar. Both can be changed inside your account settings.

The rest of the content is not changeable. We explicitly have made this choice as we optimize these pages on a weekly basis. This means that we continually track the conversion rates of those pages, and implement new features that attract potential buyers, leading to more buying actions.

Yes, you can personalize your Public Profile. Go to your account settings and click on the left side on "seller profile". On this page you can write a short Bio about yourself or your company. You can also set a background image and upload your picture of Avatar.

Please keep in mind that all changes you make will also influence your domains For Sale pages.

Settings up your For Sale pages is easy and can be done at your registrar. Just click the link below and follow the steps.

Read more: Your own For Sale pages

This means that we are still missing personal details from you or more specifically, that you haven’t filled in your billing details correctly. Please go to your account settings and fill in the necessary information. A potential buyer can’t reply or answer any of your messages or send counter offers as long as the red exclamation mark is visible in your profile.

DAN.COM takes care of the whole transaction process by providing a safe and secure Escrow service. As soon as you come to an agreement with a buyer, we send the buyer an invoice. We kindly ask you to provide us with the transfer code or push the domain to our escrow account as soon as we’ve received the funds. The next step is sending the authorization code to the buyer or pushing the domain from our escrow account into the account of the buyer. Finally, if the domain is successfully transferred we will transfer the payment to the account of the seller.

We charge a 9% commission (excluding VAT) on every sale conducted through our marketplace.

Yes, we take care of payment reminders. Our payment reminders work like this: 24 hours after an agreement is reached we send the buyer a friendly payment reminder. Then every 7 days, for the following four weeks, we send the buyer a reminder. Besides those reminders, our team will try to get the buyer on the phone to check if it’s a legit buyer.

Yes, you can. At the bottom of our site, there's a small drop-down menu where you can change your preferred language.

Definitely! We proudly offer the fastest and most secure escrow service in the domain industry.

Your dashboard is empty because you haven’t got enough information to show, yet. Your dashboard will automatically get filled in as soon as you have views or leads on your domains. If you want to see the list of your domains, please click “portfolio” in the top menu bar.