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www.marketing-digital.com This Domain is Created in (2007-01-23) 13 Years Ago.

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Membre depuis 26/07/2019

My name is Amine Hmadouch, I'm engineer in computer science and security system I work as a freelancer and marketer. I am 28 years old, I was working for some companies of email marketing for 3 years it is a way of marketing products or services by sending Email to the existing or future customers. It could be a much more effective way than social media. A lot of goals could be achieved through Email Marketing like reducing costs, reach to many of your clients by sending emails to all of them, increase sales, build brand awareness and strengthen customer relationship by telling you about their opinion online.and also working as a freelancer in some other companies in advertising and creation of web software and security system. I have created a web software for email marketing in addition to this, I have an opt-in email list for each Popular ISPs. I'm working as a Network Administrator over a Decade in Datacenter and handled email marketing to server optimization over the years and currently provide Support, Setup, Configuration, Optimization, and Maintenance.