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Randyl was an insurance broker when he registered his first domain in 2004. He was lucky the 20 letter, three word name he wanted was taken! So he "settled" for a 12 letter, two word name that matched the brokerage and also fits a SEO or marketing agency now. 

He learned right off that the right domain name makes a big difference! It had meaning, was easy to remember and was short. 

Later he registered his personal name, then a memorable domain for an investing email address, then some friends and clients needed good names and it grew from there. 

In 2020 he decided that instead of buying coffee everyday at Starbucks, he would use that money to buy domain names. He immersed himself in learning the business of domains and also in running to stay fit. 

In 2021 he started full time in domains and by the end of the year names started selling. So he bought more and continued learning.

This is a people business, just like insurance.  Some people know exactly what they want and others need some education and advice to help them make wise choices! Randyl values long term relationships and enjoys helping others. 

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