Domain It Yourself

Domain It Yourself

Thank you for considering purchasing one of my domains. I am not a professional "domainer" - I am an IT professional who started purchasing domains around 20 years ago, for developing personal websites.

My objective is to raise enough capital to purchase a specific domain name priced in the low-to-mid 5-digits, for a personal website that I have been running since 2015. Some of you may have visited it. This is when I began expanding my portfolio and entering the world of "domaining". I own a "-" version of the domain that I'm interested in purchasing (ie, "aliases" (ie. other extensions (ie. - my ultimate objective is to acquire the undashed version of the .com, for personal use.

Some of my domains have "Buy it Now" prices - which also have an option of installment plans starting from $100/month. I try to keep most of the domain names not to expire for at least 2 years time - most of my listings have an expiration date in 2024. One less expense for you to worry about.

Generally my domains reside at PorkBun, NameSilo, NameCheap, Google or CosmoTown.

I've been told my entire life to "Do It Yourself" - so I thought that an appropriate name for my "store" would be "Domain It Yourself".

Thank you for taking the time to view my profile - I'm looking forward to helping you find your perfect domain.

Happy domaining!


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