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About Digital.IO domain;

*A very rare generic 10 years old premium domain...

*When you write “io” as “IO” ıt looks like “1” and “0” which is the basis of digital in electronics world. This makes the word “digital” and “.IO” extension perfect combination.

*The other thing is "digital io" is a exact product category name in automation sector which has billions of dollars market over the world. You can search for "digital io (input-output) cards".

*We are living in a world that becoming digital day by day. After the pandemic the importance of digital becomes more and more important. The rate of digital transformation is increasing very rapidly.

*What is digital? You can watch from this video link


*And somethings about .io domains from Freddie Compier:

".io domains have recently become so popular with businesses, individuals, and shrewd domain investors…They’re short, sound good, and .io domains perform well in Google’s search results…"

Digital era is coming...



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